Ken Overcast

Ken Overcast is the real deal. In this day and age of plastic throw away everything, to find someone that is really genuine is a treat indeed. While many in the performing arts tend towards honing an act that is saleable, Ken strives very diligently to just be himself. His music, writing, and public performances are characterized by a down home connection that is indeed rare. He is a third generation Montanan, and is truly making a mark on America’s entertainment. Both Ken’s recording and writing have been very prolific. Having written about half of the music he’s recorded, there are currently eight CD’s in his Bear Valley Records catalogue. Visions of several more recordings are in various stages of planning, with available time being the only constraint. His CD Montana Cowboy was named Cowboy CD of the Year by True West Magazine, and contains the song Montana Lullaby, co-written with Wylie Gustafson, which was selected as The Official Lullaby of the State of Montana in an act by the Montana Legislature. The most recent recording project, entitled Montana In My Soul, expounds upon Ken’s love for the West and his home in particular.

Learn more about Ken on his website or his Facebook page.