Christ’s message is as strong today as it has been 2000 years ago. The ability to spread that message, in today’s context, continues to be a mission for many in the church. Fifteen years ago a group of musicians and singers identified a need in our church to incorporate contemporary music in our services and worship – and VISION was born. Praise and Worship bands are not something that the Catholic Church has been known for, but VISION is here to change that! As a group of believers, the mission of VISION has been to engage all faith communities in prayer and music while sharing their love of the Lord with others.


The Eros Family

The Eros Family are Chad and Trisha Eros and their 12 children ranging from ages 20 down to 2 years old. Trisha grew up singing and playing piano in church, and Chad grew up playing guitar in bands and writing music. When Chad and Trisha got married, they started a band and wrote music together and have loved watching that love of music pass down to each one of their kids over their 22 years of marriage. Each one loves to sing, and some enjoy playing either piano, violin or guitar. Currently their oldest daughter is studying music in Vancouver, B.C, but their two oldest daughters at home, Elizabeth and Madalynne are happy to share in the majority of the singing, for now. Whenever they get the chance, one or two more – and maybe even the whole family – love joining in!



The Trudel Family

It’s near impossible to hear the Trudels and not be a fan.  Their high-energy and the love for what they are doing transpires onto their listeners.

The family’s love for bluegrass  and classic country music is evident in the uniqueness of their sound and the joy they bring to the stage. Their passionate harmonies and love of Old-Tyme music gets all ages tapping their toes.

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The Amundruds

Gary, Sheri, Daryl & Jessica Amundrud all share a common desire to touch lives with their music. Their ability to communicate through song has made them a favorite in Gospel music today with their appearances at music festivals and concerts across North America. The group’s contagious energy spreads through entertaining performances bringing listeners their refreshing approach to well-known Gospel & CCM songs as well as their own new material that is distinctly The Amundruds.

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Ken Overcast

Ken Overcast is the real deal. In this day and age of plastic throw away everything, to find someone that is really genuine is a treat indeed. While many in the performing arts tend towards honing an act that is saleable, Ken strives very diligently to just be himself. His music, writing, and public performances are characterized by a down home connection that is indeed rare. He is a third generation Montanan, and is truly making a mark on America’s entertainment. Both Ken’s recording and writing have been very prolific. Having written about half of the music he’s recorded, there are currently eight CD’s in his Bear Valley Records catalogue. Visions of several more recordings are in various stages of planning, with available time being the only constraint. His CD Montana Cowboy was named Cowboy CD of the Year by True West Magazine, and contains the song Montana Lullaby, co-written with Wylie Gustafson, which was selected as The Official Lullaby of the State of Montana in an act by the Montana Legislature. The most recent recording project, entitled Montana In My Soul, expounds upon Ken’s love for the West and his home in particular.

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The Torchmen Quartet

In 1969, four men – including Walt Andres – met at Fairview Mennonite Brethren Church in St Catharines, Ontario, and embarked on a journey only a creative and sovereign God could imagine. Just a few months after the journey began, a young Mike Moran joined the group after being part of the Hisey Brothers quartet. Many faces have been part of the Torchmen over the years, with Sandy, Jeff, and Jon being part of the lineup at different times. Each of these men have many years of experience behind them, and are looking forward to new experiences that God has planned for them.

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Bobby Bowen Family Band

Bobby’s vision for his family is to serve and minister to other families in the church. He has shared his convictions, beliefs, and desire with his wife and children, that there are so many families in (and out of) the church that are struggling to stay together, get along, love each other, and serve God together. The heart cry of Bowen Family Ministries is to esteem, exhort, and encourage the core of the church… the family.

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Phil Callaway

Phil Callaway is an award-winning author, speaker, and daddy of three. The best-selling author of twenty-five books, Phil has been called “the funniest Canadian alive,” but never by his school teachers. He hosts the daily radio show Laugh Again which airs across North America, the UK, and Africa. He is a frequent guest on national radio and TV, and his humorous stories on family life have been featured in hundreds of magazines worldwide. But he insists that his greatest achievement was convincing his wife to marry him. Phil lives in Canada with his high school sweetheart who usually finds him funny.

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